Shanya Almafeta (shabm) wrote,
Shanya Almafeta

Help me decide what to write

I'm torn between three settings. Choose one of these three (just one) that you'd be interested in playing in.

#1: Bankrupt Conspiracy. Black humor urban fantasy. A conspiracy has kept the truth about magic from humanity for the last two thousand years. This year, the conspiracy ran out of money, and the truth suddenly becomes obvious.

#2: Democratic Mandate. Magical cyberpunk. The Celestial Bureaucracy running the world undergoes a democratic revolution. Human corporations introduce the concept of 'lobbyists' to the groups running physics and magic.

#3: Sixth-Age Space: Kung-fu space opera. Tens of thousands of years from now, slow-boats have colonized the galaxy. Fast FTL suddenly becomes very real thanks to magic.
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